Pictures from the Chuck Daly Banquet,

held at the Punxsutawney Country Club, July 17, 2017

Nance Finley sent these pictures from the Chuck Daly Banquet. They were taken by The Punxsutawney Spirit, and although they never made the paper, they were given to us for the Chuck Daly Foundation files.

In the above photograph, left to right: Butch White, Dan Pisarchick (Golf Pro), the Traveling Trophy, Cydney Daly, Dyrk Couser and Nance Finley. The Traveling Trophy, will be awarded to the country club that wins at the upcoming September 23, 2017 challenge when Punxsutawney is playing against Brookville. Whichever team wins gets their team’s name engraved on the trophy and can keep it until the next year’s challenge.

Cydney Daly and Nance Finley presenting Samantha and Danielle Griebel with certificates from the Chuck Daly Foundation for their achievements in being National Hoop Champs. ​Both are from Punxsutawney and their dad is Dr. Griebel, the well-known Eye Specialist.