Kindergarten Class of 1949


From David Long; Here are the names as written on the back by my Mother—verbatim for 1949 Kindergarten class. First row: David Long*, Orvie Hoffman*, Billy Staley, Clair Phillips, Wayne Pifer, Freddie Marasco, Leonard Test*, Billy Gaffney*. Second Row: Marianne Mayo, Patty Smelko, Myrna Abelman,, Sandra Allison*, Catherine Kopnisky, Jean Harvey, Suzanne Hetrick*, Joan Capago, Kirsten Cole*, Vinnie Gattis. Third Row: Mary Kay McIndoe, Doris Heitzenrater*, Frances Armstrong*, Francis Marasco, Ronnie Jacobson*, Donnie DeLuca*, Billy Freas*, Diane Walp, Ms, Watson. Someone, I hope, will correct the spelling and any other inaccuracies. (Double click picture to see image full-scale.)