Jigger’s Story told by Terry Gumbert

For over 40 years now we have rescued dogs, somewhere between 60 and 70 total not counting the 400+ ex-racing greyhounds we’ve placed in loving homes. Many times our adoptions were older or had medical problems. Some only blessed our lives with love for very short times while others lived with us for up to 17.5 years. Today a very special dog ended his days with us but we can’t be sad because he was near death almost 14 years ago when we rescued him.

This is Jigger’s story:
I received a call from the dog pound that they believed they had picked up a greyhound puppy and did I have anyone on my waiting list for a greyhound. I didn’t have anyone on my list but went to the dog pound to see what they had. The dog pound had an outbreak of deadly parvo so the pound master had this puppy outside of the facility away from the infected animals.

terryDog1.jpg terryDog3.jpg terryDog4.jpg terryDog5.jpg

I took the puppy directly to our vet and asked him to give vaccines and test for parasites and worms. Early the next morning I received a call from my vet that “Jigger” had crashed with severe parvo and did I want him to be put down. I said do what you can to save him. At that time I belonged to a worldwide greyhound rescue and owner web site so I told the story of this sick puppy and showed this photo below of Jigger at the vet clinic. Amazingly greyhound owners from as far away as England donated money for his care amounting to almost $800 covering almost a third of the bill.

Jigger was always a loving dog with humans and animals alike.
He was full of fun and a very happy dog his entire life.
Over the past few weeks his hind legs began to weaken. He showed no signs of pain, ate well, and his eyes remained bright and alert. Today his front legs began to fail him and for the first time he let out a whimper as if in pain. We are blessed with a remarkable vet who is always willing to give his assistance when it is needed. Jigger left us peacefully today, here on the farm, with his other dog buddy’s by his side. We have been blessed with his friendship and love now for almost 14 years; we can’t be sad.


If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. (Will Rogers)