The Program for the 1960 Spring Soirée - Fog Island

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Program Pages One and Two:

Fog Island Progra Cover



F O G   I S L A N D

A suspense play in three acts


Thursday, April 21, 1960
8:00 P.M.
Punxsutawney High School Auditorium



Student Assistants
Jane Serian
Robert Walter


Produced by special arrangements
With Row Peterson & Co., Chicago


Program Cover Design by Richard Filler
Advanced Art Student

Printing of Cover by Silk Screen Method

Program Pages Three and Four:

The Cast
(in order of aappearance)

Mrs. Williams (forbidding and stern)
Polly Gene Curry

Williams (tall and sinister)
John Walter

Jerry Martin (young scientist)
Robert Bloom

Sheriff Doolittle (and blacksmith)
Terry Gumbert

Brook (Suave-polished crook)
Joseph Neill

Margy O’Laughlin (talkative and eighteen)
Nancy Dunlap

Hazel Sommers (matter-of-fact and hungry)
Marjorie Lyons

Ann Wickcliffe (has hay fever)
Ricci Swartz

Maurine Gardner (romantic-storybook mind)
Linda Hutchins

Johannah Green (soft spoken – uncertain)
Joan Dunlap

Priscilla Ralaton (drama teacher)
Margaret Schwab


The entire action occurs one September night right after dinner in the living room of a summer house on Fog Island, located somewhere off the west coast of this country.

Act I    Just after a late dinner
Act II   About 15 minutes after close of
         Act I
Act III  Immediately after close of Act II

(There will be a 10 minute intermission between Acts I and II. No intrermission between Acts II and III.



Mr. Wood and Stage Crew --- Bill Snorey
Bob Walter Ed Bonnrtt
Don Nelson Dave Johnson

Richard Filler – Posters

Jerry Popovice – Sound Tape

Mr. Rose – Photography

Mrs. Robinson – Pictures and Pillers

Linda Fox – Assistant Prompter

Spirit Pub. Co.


Feight’s Drug Store

Harl’a Shoe Store

Ushers Club

Page Five of the Progran, and a Picture from the Rehearsal


Mrgaret Schwab – Senior
President of Thespians, Rest Assured.
The Winslow Girl, Madame President,
Student Director - Why The Chimes Rang

Linda Hutchins - Senior
Why The Chimes Rang and Sugar and Spite

Nancy Dunlap - Senior
Why The Chimes Rang, New Neighbors,
Sugar and Spite

Polly Gene Curry - Junior
Sugar and Spite

Marjorie Lyons - Junior
Sugar and Spite

Terry Gumbert - Senior
New Neighbors

Ricki Swartz Sophomore
Sugar and Spite

Robert Bloom – Sophomore
John Walter  – Senior     This is their
Joan Dunlap  – Junior        first play
Joseph Neill – Senior

Practice scene from Fog Island, April/May 1960. L to R Polly Jean Curry (61) Nancy Dunlap, Joe Neill, Terry Gumbert, Marjorie Lyons (61), Joan Dunlap (61) Play also starred "not in this scene" Margaret Schwab, John Walter, Robert Bloom, Ricki Swartz, and Linda Hutchins.
Schedule of Practice for Fog Island.
UPDATE -- This play is out of print, but there is a copy in the Special Collections area of the Princeton University Library. Perhaps someday it will be placed on line.

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