George Clair Butch White

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Wife: Karen Dinger White.

On April 15, 2021, The Punxsutawney Spirit ran an article honoring Butch White for his 35 year’s of involvement in Punxsutawney coaching and sports. A copy of this article, in two sections, may be seen here. Part 1 Part 2.

Nance Finley sent out an e-mail suggesting that those unable to attend the 60th PHS reunion send a written memory. These were obtained verbally and through e-mail. She sent them to Terry Gumbert and he added his artistic touch to some. They were printed out and then hung in the gym at the 60th Reunion. Butch White, who attended, submitted the following. To see a photograph of the printout, click on the icon below.

Although life does give us many memories, sometimes it can be interrupted without warning, such as a pandemic. When this school year ended so unexpectedly for our graduates, the view of realizing their goals, which had been laid down for several years, has a two-fold consequence...their past and their future. The Class of 2020 will be called upon to deal with graduation in different ways.
I am a member of the Class of 1960 and we were proud to be the first class to graduate from the newly built high school on the hill. We were also the last class of senior high students to attend the Jefferson/Jackson buildings. For me and my classmates, the memories are rich and full, lasting a lifetime. 2020 will be a year of celebration for us as we gather together for our 60th year class reunion. We will celebrate but to what extent is still unknown. We will reunite with our friends and classmates from the past, although some physically frail, yet all looking back to a time of rejoicing with vivid memories.
Memories of my high school years have stayed with me my whole life, so I decided to put my thoughts on paper while sitting in my garage, which I turned into a Garage Café that I filled with memories from my past. There are tables from some of our favorite eating places like Ruth & Harry’s Restaurant, a 1955 Mercury at my side and 1950’s bicycles hanging from the ceiling. Most imporantly, is the classic oldies music, which our parents thought was the devil’s music, playing in the background. It reminds me of the innocence of being 17 again. The Teen Center was the place to go for after school gatherings. Dancing to the jukebox at the YMCA was a must after a football or basketball games. Cruising through the streets of Punxsy till the tires fell off and stopping for gas at 28 cents per gallon every Friday night was a regular occurrence. We would go from the Dairy Queen at one end of town to Joe’s Tasty Freeze in the middle and on to Chango’s in Cloe. There was ice cream at the Palace of Sweets, cherry cokes and milkshakes at the Drug Stores, and fries at Parente’s. Hamburgers at Hesters were the best and some would venture the four miles to Finley’s Luncheonette in Big Run. There were movies at the Jefferson and Alpine theaters, and at the Starlite Drive-in in the summer. We would engage in the activity of being young and maybe a little crazy. Anyone that has watched the old TV program Happy Days will get an idea of our Class of 1960!
To the Class of 2020, I say hold on to the good times and memories that you have had together and never forget your high school days. The Class of 1960, wishes that all of your hopes and dreams come true and you’ll create many wonderfül life-long friends and memories together.
There were two men looking through a window with bars; one looked down and saw mud. The other looked up and saw stars. Keep looking up.

The person who made the most impact on me was Chuck Daly. He inspired me to form the Chuck Daly Foundation, which offers scholarships at PHS to both male and female student/atheletes in both basketball and golf.

Photo of Butch  White
Butch White at the
2020 class reunion
Butch and Karen White
Butch and Karen White at the 2005 class reunion