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Patricia Neal Beezer née Swanson

101 Ida Mae Ln., Punxsutawney, PA 15767

PHONE: 724-296-9682;         EMAIL: paneal196@gmail.com

From the 55th Reunion Booklet:
My family makes me very happy and keeps us both busy. My mother lives with us and we enjoy our times together. She is 94 years old! Life is still
very good. Stay healthy and safe. And please stay in touch with me!
Husband: Howard Beezer, PAHS 1958.
Year Book Pages: 47, 96.

Nance Finley sent out an e-mail suggesting that those unable to attend the 60th PHS reunion send a written memory. These were obtained verbally and through e-mail. She sent them to Terry Gumbert and he added his artistic touch to some. They were printed out and then hung in the gym at the 60th Reunion. Pat Swanson submitted the following. To see a photograph of the printout, click on the icon below.

SwansonMemory 2020 I remember the Punxsy High School band leading the football players from the high school through downtown to the Harmon football field. The band played for the people lining the street - especially remembering the clicking of the football players’ cleats on the pavement.