Dr. Harold W. Reed

385 Old Monticello Rd., Milledgeville, GA 31061

PHONE: 478-968-5729;         EMAIL: haroldreed@lewindstream.net.

Wife: Edna Coleman, PAHS 1961

From 55th Reunion Booklet:
Married fifty-one years. One son Harold Jr. Daughter
Mercedes and three grandchildren and one expected in
September. One deceased grandchild. Emeritus
Professor of Microbiology at Georgia College.
Woodworking and traveling.

Nance Finley sent out an e-mail suggesting that those unable to attend the 60th PHS reunion send a written memory. These were obtained verbally and through e-mail. She sent them to Terry Gumbert and he added his artistic touch to some. They were printed out and then hung in the gym at the 60th Reunion. Harold Reed submitted the following. To see a photograph of the printout, click on the icon below.

ReedMemory 2020 Things I remember about PAJHS (Punxsutawney Area Joint High School to give the full name). I was a country kid, went to a one room school of all 8 grades, one teacher although we changed teachers every couple of years. I was bussed in to school got on the bus about 45 minutes before classes started. Started 9th grade at 14, had home room in peanut heaven, if I remember 403 in the Jefferson building, the tail end of the alphabet.

My Mother was in the first class to graduate from the Jackson and I was in the first class to graduate from the new one. I also believe that she said that she was in the first class to have Mr. Mitchell for Biology and I had him too.

Call me a misogynist but the number of cute girls was simply amazing. I figured they were all too sophisticated to ever be interested in a shrimp hick like me. Oh well.

I remember failing Latin II and when I retook it Ms. Cokely changed her teaching method and I just managed to pass second time around. I have often wondered if she changed just so I could pass. A related problem, I never studied in HS and never had to as an undergrad. This did lead to problems in grad school but I made it.

I was pretty straight arrow. Only had detention once. Took off for deer hunting. When I came back Mr. Caylor asked why I had been absent and I told him, got detention. My friend had done the same thing but lied and didn’t get detention. Could it have been that his last name was Caylor?! Kind of lucked out, it was snowing bad that aftemoon and they canceled detention and I caught the bus. I do remember one snowy night our bus slid off the road where you make the turn to Frostburg. All of the boys got out to push and all of the girls got on the up hill side seats to help get weight on the slipping wheels. We got it out and continued home.

Once we got to the new building I do remember another run in with Mr. Caylor. Walking down the hall he pulled me out of traffic and told me to go get a hair cut. I had to walk down to Himes’ barber shop at the Y and get one. I don’t remember if he paid or I came up with the money some how. Walked back up and continued to classes. What would happen now days?

Talking to friends, also country kids, one of the things about HS that stands out to us was the cafeteria food. To kids that were used to bologna sandwiches and an apple with cold water from a crock, a hot meal was a dramatic change. We all remember it as quite good. We all have favorite dishes; Sloppy Joes, Spaghetti, Fish, Scrambled steak and gravy on mashed potatos, Chocolate milk and it seems that I remember potato chips sometimes. Was there ever pie? A sad thing is that I can’t remember how much it cost.

I do remember several notable days. Once in Sr. Physics I discovered that if you held a ruler firmly on the desk and twanged it and slid it forward you got a nice rising pitch from it. Mr. Shenk never discovered the source of it. I sat at the end of the row toward the back and I think only the student next to me knew the source. Sorry I don’t remember your name. I also knew and used a couple of proper words that our English teacher Ms. Germonto didn’t know. Also from English class I remember Vern Gretsinger in pegged levis.

Sorry about the writing. Even though I eventually got a PhD I never did get the hang of grammer or spelling, as all reviewers of my manuscripts can attest.