Carol Savas née Grossman

251 Lowe Ave., Stoughton, MA 02072-1939

PHONE: 781-344-9377        

From 55th Reunion Booklet:
Married for forty two years to Harry.
Travel to visit son and wife.

Husband: Harry Savas.

Nance Finley sent out an e-mail suggesting that those unable to attend the 60th PHS reunion send a written memory. These were obtained verbally and through e-mail. She sent them to Terry Gumbert and he added his artistic touch to some. They were printed out and then hung in the gym at the 60th Reunion. Carol Grossman submitted the following. To see a photograph of the printout, click on the icon below.

GrossmanMemory 2020 The memories I remember most are the parties and get togethers I had with the East End Gang, along with their friendship, the peppy and darn good PHS Band, Prom night for Sophomore, Junior and Senior Year, being the first class to graduate from the new school on the hill, and a personal thank you to Terry Gumbert for being the best back scratcher ever. He sat behind me in homeroom. Have a wonderful reunion to all the classmates attending. Carol Grossman Savas