Delmas Burkett

613 Burkett Hollow Rd., Punxsutawney, PA 15767

Nance Finley sent out an e-mail suggesting that those unable to attend the 60th PHS reunion send a written memory. These were obtained verbally and through e-mail. She sent them to Terry Gumbert and he added his artistic touch to some. They were printed out and then hung in the gym at the 60th Reunion. Delmas Burkett submitted the following. To see a photograph of the printout, click on the icon below.

BurkettMemory 2020 Delmas Burkett related this memory from a high school incident that he never forgot. Coach Cullen was his homeroom teacher but a student teacher was temporarily in that position. Just as the bell rang, Delmas and Bob Burkett were just standing in the doorway. The student teacher seemed annoyed and directed both of them to report to Mr. Caylor’s office. He then pointed at Bob Burkett and said, You have very beady eyes! When Delmas and Bob reported in to see Mr. Caylor and related the complete incident to him, he told them to return to their homeroom and send the student teacher to see him. Delmas said Bob and he never had a problem with the student teacher after that.