William Birely

P.O.Box 209, Prospect Harbor, ME 04669

PHONE: 207-963-2665;         EMAIL: billandbecky@gmail.com .

A note from Bill Birely, August, 2021: "My dad moved the family to Punxsy when I was in the 4th grade, and I grew up there until graduating with the class of 1960. In July of 1960, I left to spend two years in Chicago attending DeVry institute, becoming an electronic technician. By the time I finished school, my folks had moved to the Baltimore area so I went to visit them there. While there, I was offered a job with Westinghouse and began my career of testing, trouble shooting and working with aircraft radar systems. Westinghouse eventually sold their operations to Northrop Grumman and I was fortunate to continue with them there in the Baltimore area for a total of forty years. In 2002 I retired and then in 2003, I left Maryland and moved to our new home on the coast of Maine where I hope to spend many more good years looking out at the rocky seacoast that is just outside, a little over one hundred feet from the house."

As shown below, the Birelys were Number Six in Bill Chegren’s billboard series.