Student Activities

This “activities” section is a collection of items passed across the internet, giving a glimpse into the past. Many of the photographs had text associated with them, but as a rule, the text is blurred and very difficult to read. That text has been retyped and reformatted. The pictures remain as they were. To see the original text, double click the picture.

National Merit Scholarship
Mr. Clyde Mencely presents letters of commend­ation to Lee Blose, Max Clark, William Elbel, and William Birely
Four Senior P.H.S. Boys Receive Recog­nition From National Merit Scholar­ships

Letters of Commendation from the National Merit Scholar­ship Corpor­ation were re­ceived by four senior boys for their achieve­ment on the Nat­ional Merit Scholar­ship Qual­ify­ing Test taken last spring.

Ray Lee Blose, son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Blose, of Punx­sutawn­ey R.D. 4; William D. Birely, son of Mr. and Mrs. Birely, of 507 Rock­land Avenue; Max S. Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max S. Clark, of of 804 West Mahon­ing Street; and William P. Elbel, of Rossiter, received the cit­ations.

The Nat­ional Merit Scholar­ship Cor­por­ation, gives recog­nition, Cert­ificates of Merit, and Letters of Com­men­dation. In the two groups of students who achieve high scores on the qual­ify­ing test. From the 550,000 students who took the test, 10,000 re­ceived Cert­ifi­cates of Merit. These semi­final­ists took a second test in Decem­ber. From the scores re­ceived on this test, the final­ists will be chosen. A second group total­ling 27,000 students received Letters of Commend­ation. This group of students repre­sent­ed less than 3% of all secon­dary school students.

Seniors Pass NROTC Exam
P.H.S. senior boys who passed the mental exam­ina­tion of NROTC (l. to r.) Harold Reed, Francis Black, Donald Hester, and Max Clark
Four Local Seniors Have Qualified To Take the Phys­ical Exam­in­ation For a Scholar­ship From the NROTC

Due to their excellent showing in the re­cent Naval Re­serve Offi­cers Train­ing Corps rigid mental exam­in­ation, four senior boys from the Punx­su­taw­ney High School are eli­gible to jour­ney to Pitts­burgh, Penn­syl­vania, to take a very stiff phy­sical exam­in­ation in hope of winning an N.R.O.T.C. schol­ar­ship.

Don Hester, son of Mrs. Earl Snyder, Francis Black, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Black, Max Clark, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Clark, Sr.; and Harold Reed are the four boys who passed the men­tal exam­in­ation.

Francis and Don ex­press­ed a desire to attend Duke Uni­ver­sity. Max would like to at­tend the Uni­ver­sity of Roches­ter. Georgia Insti­tute of Tech­nology is the college in Harold᾿s future.

Rodger Pflugfelder
Rodger Pflugfelder

Rodger Pflugfelder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Pflugfelder, is ex­pect­ed to turn in a good per­for­mance with the Chuck floor­men this year. Pluie, an honor stu­dent, en­rol­led in the scien­tific course, plans to at­tend the Univer­sity of Pitts­burgh after gradu­ation.

Jacobson, Clark, and Hester
Ronald Jacobson, Max Clark and Don Hester Earn Highest Honors

This year, for the first time three boys, Ronald Jacobson, Max Clark and Don Hester were award­ed the top schol­astic honors of a gradu­ating class of the Punx­su­tawney High School.

Mr. Ray R. Caylor made this announce­ment to the student body at a special as­sembly program yester­day.

First honors were awarded to Ronald Jacobson, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacobson of 506 E. Mahoning Street.

Ronald, a scien­tific course stu­dent, was pre­si­dent of the sci­ence club and a member of the Latin Club. He was the reci­pient of the Bausch and Lomb award and the winner of the Jef­fer­son County state schol­arship.

In the fall he will attend Wash­ington and Jef­ferson College.

Max Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Clark of 804 W. Mahoning St. won second honors.

Max, a scientific student, held membership in the band, science and Latin clubs. He received honorable mention in the National Merit Scholarship tests.

In the N.R.O.T.C. he suc­cess­fully passed the mental and physical tests.

He will study at Carnegie Tech in the fall

Third honors went to scien­tific student, Don Hester, son of Mrs. Earl Snyder of 230 E. Mahoning St.

Don held membership in the Spanish and Latin club.

For scho­lar­ship and ath­letic prowess his name was enroll­ed on the Andrew Zeedick cup.

In the fall he will study on a full scholarship at Bucknell University.

Happy Students

HAPPY STUDENTS – Suzanne Hetrick, Carol Grossman and Karen Jeffries (left to right) look happy but Bill Grossman doesn’t appear too gay about the start of the new term in the Punx­su­taw­ney Area Joint Schools. The four were snap­ped as they entered the brand new senior high school on North Findley Street here. 388(?) stu­dents were en­roll­ed in the new senior high school yes­terday. (Spirit photo)

John Sexton

Players In The News

By Tim Dawson

Playing first string left end, John Sexton is see­ing a lot of action on this year’s var­sity squad. John, 130 lb senior en­roll­ed in the scien­tific course, has been playing foot­ball since his fresh­man year. His extra­curri­cular acti­­vities include membership in the Science and Var­sity Clubs. After grad­uating from high school, John plans to attend college. His ambi­tion is to become a chemi­cal engineer.

Pam Cowan and Ulla Norlin examine a Hi-Lights camera in 201.
’59 Student Council Brings Foreign Student to PHS

Due to the Ameri­can Field Service Project, which was under­taken by last years Student Council, the Punx­sutawney Area Joint High School is fortunate to have an attract­ive blue-eyed honey-blond foreign ex­change student. A native of Vilhelmina, Sweden, Miss Ulla Norlin is very glad to be at­tend­ing school in America as a foreign ex­change student. Ulla has a sister fourteen years old, and another sister, four weeks old.

During Ulla’s stay in this coun­try, she has been kept very busy. A repor­ter for Hi-Lights, par­tici­pation in the 1960 Variety Show as one of the 7 girls on the Queen’s Court; these are just a few of her many acti­vities.

Upon arri­ving in this coun­try, one big dif­fe­rence Ulla noted was the climate. In Sweden the snow begins to fall in October or November and continues fall­ing until January. The snow then lies on the ground until the first part of May.

Upon gradu­ation, Ulla is con­sider­ing en­ter­ing the teach­ing profession.

Two P.H.S. Football Queens Are Crowned In Game Ceremonies
Football Queens

FOOTBALL QUEENS – and here’s a close-up study of the two P.H.S. foot­ball queens. Ulla Norin (left) and Gret­chen Stock­dale. Ulla is a for­eign ex­cha­nge stu­dent from Sweden. Both are Sen­iors.

the Majorettes

P.H.S. MAJORETTES – Pictured are the eight major­ettes who will march next year in front of the senior band of the Punx­sutaw­ney Area High School. Left to right: Nancy Finley, Joyce McQuawn, Sharyl McLaughlin, Mary Kay McBider (co-captain) Karen Jefferies (co-captain), Sandra Allison, Darlene Wells, Chertl McQuawn. (Spirit photo) Note: Names were partially illegible and need to be proofed.

Chuck Swingsters

CHUCK SWINGSTERS - Student musicians comprise this dance band which plays at social events for stud­ents of the Punx­sutaw­ney Area High School. The Chuck Swing­sters were organ­ized and directed by James Colonna, direct­or of the senior high school band. First row, left to right: Suzanne Hetrick, Helen London, Karen Jeffries, Sandra Baum and Donna Kriser. Standing: James Steele, Woodrow Gilliland, William Hampton, Richard Brown and James Byers. Third row: Jerry Popovic, James Michael and Mr. Colonna. (Spirit photo)

1960 Class Officers

SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ---The Officers of the senior class of the Punx­sutaw­ney Area High School, elect­ed yes­ter­day, are (left to right) Richard Holder, vice president; Kae Diane Basile, secretary; Darlene Bender, treasurer, and Jerry Popovice, president. (P.H.S. photo)

The Chuck Swingsters
Chuck Swingsters
{1st row l. to r.) Suzanne Hetrick, Judy London, Karen Jeffries, Jim Michael, Sandra Baun, Donna Kriser. (2nd row l. to r.) Jim Byers, Jim Steele, Frank Zufall, Bill Hampton, Dick Brown, and Jerry Popovice, comprise the new Chuck Swingsters.

The Chuck Swingsters, latest ad­di­tion to the P.H.S. musi­cal world, will pre­sent their pre­mier per­for­mance in the Stud­ent Coun­cil Talent Show sche­duled for March 4-6.

This dance band, comp­osed of twelve musi­cians, in­clu­des four sax­ophones, two trum­pets, two trom­bones, a bari­tone, a piano, a string bass and the drums.

Jim Michael, stu­dent dir­ector of the P.H.S. senior band, is also dir­ector of the Chuck Swing­st­ers under the super­vis­ion of Mr. James Colon­na.
   The Swingsters plan to make their ser­vices avail­able for school dances, as well as high school as­sem­bly pro­grams.

Male Cheerleaders

SHOW STEALERS – The Punxsutawney Area High School Varsity foot­ball squad funish­ed the cheerleaders for the benefit basketball game last night and were the whole show The For­eign Ex­change Student benefit fund was swelled by the at­tn­dence of more than 700 fans The Cheer­lead­ers were, left to right, front row, Arnie Rhodes, Jim McQuown, Paul Depp, and Jerry Fruntz; back row, Bill Freas, Orvie Hoffman, Don White and Bob Harris. (Spirit photo)

Navy Swearing In

A note sent to us by Terry Gumbert read as fol­lows: Recent­ly Jerry Popo­vice, Bill Smorey, and Terry Gum­bert were remem­bering some of their mili­tary ad­ven­tures and Jerry came up with this great photo­graph. Jerry said it was taken on June 29, 1960, in Pitts­burgh on the day we got sworn in. From there we were placed on a train to Chicago and ul­ti­mately to Great Lakes Train­ing Center ju­­­st north of Chicago.


EXPLORERS --- Five Explorer Boy Scouts from Punx­­sutawney and Indiana, Pa, em­bark­ed today at Sala­manca, N.Y., in three canoes on a 181 mile, nine day jour­ney down the Al­legh­eny River to Pitts­burgh. Ac­company­ing them, right, was Scout­master Ray Blose. Others from left are Bill Frese, Bill Smorey, Neal Birli, Jerry Popov­ice and James Fulton. Birli and Popo­vice are 16, the others 15.

Explorer Scouts

So many things to master -- the time went so fast!